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Our HEDCO Institute evidence summaries are designed to translate educational research into accessible, usable products that meet the ever-changing decision-making needs of K-12 education leaders.

Comprehension Strategies to Support Students with Reading Difficulties

Findings from a network meta-analysis of reading comprehension intervention components reveal three strategies that maximize benefits for students in grades 3-12.

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HEDCO Scoping Review: What kind of research exists on four-day school weeks in the United States?

Our scoping review aimed to identify all empirical studies on the four-day school week in the United States and explore the types of research evidence in the literature. Our review included 111 studies. As part of our review process, we also completed interviews with three superintendents with experience in decision-making around the four-day school week.

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Substance Use Prevention Programs

Do culturally sensitive programs prevent or reduce substance use among adolescents? Findings from a meta-analysis show that culturally sensitive prevention programs are effective in preventing or reducing substance use among Black, Hispanic/Latine, and Native American adolescents.

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Math at Home Matters! 

Findings from a new study show the benefits of caregivers playing math games and activities outside of school for supporting children's school readiness.

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HEDCO Review: Do school-based depression prevention programs impact youth’s mental health and well-being? 

This review examines research on the effects of school-based depression prevention programs. We specifically reviewed evidence on programs delivered directly to K-12 students during the school day.

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In April, the HEDCO Institute released findings from our first review on school-based depression prevention programs for K-12 students.